All Compositions by Dmitri Shostakovich

With Opus Number:

1Scherzo fis-moll1920-11982*
2Eight Preludes1919-211926

Three Preludes (orchestrated of Nos. 2, 4, and 5)1921

3Theme and Variations B-dur1921-21981*
4Two Fables by Krylov1921-21977*
5Three Fantastic Dances19221923*

Fantastic Dance No. 1 (arrangement for Fl, Ob, Cl, Hr, 2Vn, Va, Vc)1922

6Suite for Two Pianos1922-31923*
7Scherzo Es-dur19241981*
8Trio No. 119231923*
9Three Pieces [lost]1923-41924
10Symphony No. 1 f-moll1924-51926*
11Prelude and Scherzo1924-51927*
12Piano Sonata No. 119261926*
14Symphony No. 2 H-dur “To October - a Symphonic Dedication”1925-71927*
15The Nose1927-81930*
15aSuite from “The Nose”19281928*
16Tahiti Trot19271928*
17Two Pieces by D. Scarlatti19281928*
18New Babylon1928-91929*

Suite from “New Babylon” (arranged by G. N. Rozhdestvensky)19751975*
19The Bedbug19291929*
20Symphony No. 3 Es-dur “The First of May”19291930*
21Six Romances on Japanese Poems1928-321966*
22The Golden Age1929-301930*
22aSuite from “The Golden Age”1930-41930*
23Entr'acte and Finale19291929*
24The Shot19291929
25Virgin Land19301930

Suite from “Alone” (arranged by G. N. Rozhdestvensky)19811981*
27The Bolt1930-11931*
27aSuite from “The Bolt”19311933*
28Rule, Britannia!19311931*
29Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk District1930-21934*
29aSuite from “Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk District”19321933*
30The Golden Mountains19311931
30aSuite from “The Golden Mountains”19311931*
31Conditionally Killed19311931*

Suite from “Conditionally Killed” (arranged by G. McBurney)19911991*
32aSuite from ‘Hamlet’ (arranged by L. T. Atovmyan)19601964*
34Twenty-four Preludes1932-31933*
35Piano Concerto No. 1 c-moll19331933*
36The Tale of a Priest and His Servant Balda1933-61967*

Suite from “The Tale of a Priest and His Servant Balda” (arranged by G. N. Rozhdestvensky)1933-61967*

Suite from “The Tale of a Priest and His Servant Balda” (arranged by S. M. Khentova)19831983
37The Human Comedy1933-41934*
38Love and Hate19341935
39The Limpid Stream1934-51935*
39aSuite from “The Limpid Stream”19451945*
40Cello Sonata d-moll19341934*
41(i)The Youth of Maxim19341935*
41(ii)The Girl Friends1934-51936*
42Five Fragments19351965*
43Symphony No. 4 c-moll1935-61961*
44Salute to Spain19361936*
45The Return of Maxim1936-71937*
46Four Romances on Poems by A. S. Pushkin19361940*
46aThree Romances on Poems by A. S. Pushkin (accompaniment orchestrated of No. 1-3)1936
47Symphony No. 5 d-moll19371937*
48Volochayevka Days19371938*
49Quartet No. 1 C-dur19381938*
50The Vyborg Side19381939*
50aTrilogy about Maxim1961
51The Friends19381938
52The Great Citizen (Series 1)19381938
53The Man with a Gun19381938*
54Symphony No. 6 h-moll19391939*
55The Great Citizen (Series 2)1938-91939*
56The Silly Little Mouse19391940*
57Piano Quintet g-moll19401940*
58Boris Godunov (M. P. Musorgsky)1939-401959*
58aKing Lear19401941*
59The Adventures of Korzinkina19401940*
60Symphony No. 7 C-dur19411942*
61Piano Sonata No. 2 h-moll19421943*
62Six Romances on Verses by British Poets19421943*
63Native Leningrad19421942*
64aSuite from “Zoya” (assembled by L. T. Atovmyan)

65Symphony No. 8 c-moll19431943*
66Russian River19441945*
67Trio No. 2 e-moll19441944*
68Quartet No. 2 A-dur19441944*
69A Child's Exercise Book1944-51944-5*
70Symphony No. 9 Es-dur19451945*
71Simple Folk19451956
72Victorious Spring19451946*
73Quartet No. 3 F-dur19461946*
74Poem of the Motherland19471956
75The Young Guard1947-81948
75aSuite from “The Young Guard” (assembled by L. T. Atovmyan)19511948*
76aSuite from “Pirogov” (assembled by L. T. Atovmyan)

77Violin Concerto No. 1 a-moll1947-81955*
78aSuite from “Michurin” (assembled by L. T. Atovmyan)1964
79From Jewish Folk Poetry19481955*
79aFrom Jewish Folk Poetry (accompaniment orchestrated)19481963*
80The Meeting on the Elbe19481949
80aSuite from “The Meeting on the Elbe”1948
81The Song of the Forests19491949*
82The Fall of Berlin19491950*
82aSuite from “The Fall of Berlin” (assembled by L. T. Atovmyan)1949
83Quartet No. 4 D-dur19491953*
84Two Romances on Verses by M. Y. Lermontov19501984*
85aSuite from “Belinsky” (assembled by L. T. Atovmyan)1960
86Four Songs to Words by E. A. Dolmatovsky1950-11961*
87Twenty-four Preludes and Fugues1950-11951*
88Ten Poems on Texts by Revolutionary Poets19511951*
89The Unforgettable Year 191919511952
89aSuite from “The Unforgettable Year 1919” (assembled by L. T. Atovmyan)1954
90The Sun Shines over our Motherland19521952*
91Four Monologues on Verses by A. S. Pushkin1952
92Quartet No. 5 B-dur19521953*
93Symphony No. 10 e-moll19531953*
95Song of the Great Rivers19541954*
96Festive Overture19471954*
97The Gadfly19551955*
97aSuite from “The Gadfly” (assembled by L. T. Atovmyan)1955
98Five Romances on Verses of E. A. Dolmatovsky19541956*
99The First Echelon1955-61956
99aSuite from “The First Echelon”1956
100Spanish Songs19561956*
101Quartet No. 6 G-dur19561956*
102Piano Concerto No. 2 F-dur19571957*
103Symphony No. 11 g-moll “The Year 1905”19571957*
105Moscow, Cheryomushki1957-81959*
106Khovanshchina (M. P. Musorgsky)1958-91959*
107Cello Concerto No. 1 Es-dur19591959*
108Quartet No. 7 fis-moll19601960*
109Satires “Pictures of the Past”19601961*
110Quartet No. 8 c-moll19601960*
111Five Days, Five Nights19601961
111aSuite from “Five Days, Five Nights” (assembled by L. T. Atovmyan)1961
112Symphony No. 12 d-moll “The Year 1917”19611961*
113Symphony No. 13 b-moll19621962*
114Katerina Izmailova1956-631963*
114aSuite of Five Fragments from “Katerina Izmailova”1956-63
115Overture on Russian and Kirghiz Folksongs19631963*
116aSuite from “Hamlet” (assembled by L. T. Atovmyan)1964
117Quartet No. 9 Es-dur19641964*
118Quartet No. 10 As-dur19641964*
119The Execution of Stepan Razin19641964*
120A Year as Long as a Lifetime19651965
120aSuite from “A Year as Long as a Lifetime” (assembled by L. T. Atovmyan)1969
121Five Romances on Texts from “Krokodil”19651966*
122Quartet No. 11 f-moll19661966*
123Preface to the Complete Collection of my Works and a Brief Reflection upon this Preface19661966*
124Two Choruses by A. A. Davidenko19621964*
125Cello Concerto a-moll (R. Schumann)19631963*
126Cello Concerto No. 2 g-moll19661966*
127Seven Romances on Poems of A. A. Blok19671967*
128Spring, Spring19671979*
129Violin Concerto No. 2 cis-moll19671967*
130Funeral-Triumphal Prelude19671967*
132Sofya Perovskaya19671968*
133Quartet No. 12 Des-dur19681968*
134Violin Sonata19681969*
135Symphony No. 1419691969*
137King Lear19701970*
138Quartet No. 13 b-moll1969-701970*
139Soviet Militia19701970*
140Six Romances on Verses by British Poets19711973*
141Symphony No. 15 A-dur19711972*
142Quartet No. 14 Fis-dur19731973*
143Six Songs on Poems of M. I. Tsvetayeva19731973*
143aSix Songs on Poems of M. I. Tsvetayeva (accompaniment orchestrated)19731973*
144Quartet No. 15 es-moll19741974*
145Suite on Verses of Michelangelo19741974*
145aSuite on Verses of Michelangelo (accompaniment orchestrated)19741975*
146Four Verses of Captain Lebyadkin19741975*
147Viola Sonata19751975*

Without Opus Number:

Hulme IndexTitleComposedPremiereRec.

The Soldier [lost]1916

Fiery Sonata [lost]1914-5

Train noise [lost]1914-5

Blizzard [lost]1914-5

Storm [lost]1914-5

Hymn to Freedom [lost]1915-6

Taras Bulba [unfinished/lost]1915-6

Music to M. Y. Lermontov's “A Song about Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich, the Young Oprichnik, and the Valorous Merchant Kalashnikov” [unfulfilled plan]1917-8

Music to N. V. Gogol's “Fearful Vengeance” [lost]1917-8

Spinning wheel [lost]1917-8

Composition for Orchestra (Revolutionary Symphony) [fragment]1917-8

Funeral March1918

Pieces (Op. 5) [fragment]1918

Variations on a Theme by M. I. Glinka's “The Lark” [fragment]1919

Preludes (Op. 1) [fragment]1919

Piece C-dur1919


In the Forest1919



AMinuet, Prelude, and Intermezzo1919-20

Two studies F-dur1919-20

Piece cis-moll1919-20

Study C-dur (12/8)1919-20

Study C-dur (3/4) [fragment]1919-20

Study C-dur (4/4) [fragment]1919-20

Study D-dur [fragment]1919-20

Prelude C-dur for solo cello [fragment]1920-21

Piano Sonata h-moll [fragment]1920-21

The Gipsies [fragment]1920-21

BFive Preludes1921

The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2 - VII. Es-dur, BWV876 (J. S. Bach)1921-2

Piano Sonata No. 8, Op. 13 - II. Adagio Cantabile (L. v. Beethoven)1921-2

Piano Sonata No. 32, Op. 111 - I. Maestoso (L. v. Beethoven) [fragment]1921-2

Rhapsody Es-dur, Op. 119-4 (J. Brahms) [fragment]1921-2

CI Waited for Thee in the Grotto (Rimsky-Korsakov)1921-2

Military March D-dur, D733-1 (F. P. Schubert) [fragment]1921-2

Bilder aus Osten, Op.66 - V. f-moll (R. Schumann) [fragment]1921-2

Four studies [fragment]1921-2

Symphonie Es-dur (Op. 5) - 2nd mov. [fragment]1921-2

Seven Fuges1922-3

The Little Mermaid [lost]1922-3

Piece G-dur1922-4

Composition for Orchestra f-moll [fragment]1922-4

Piano Quintet (Op. 7) [unfinished]1923

Dance c-moll [fragment]1923

Scherzo [lost]1923-4

Piano Sonata [lost]1923-4

Suite for Violin and Piano [lost]1923-4

Piano Concerto [unfinished]1926

M. K. Mikhailov. The Main Street19271927

Hey, Let's Bang! (Russian Folksong)19291930

D(i)Two Pieces for String Quartet19311984*
D(ii)Overture for “The Green Guild” [unknown]19321932
D(iii)From Karl Marx to Our Own Days [unfinished/lost]1932

D(iv)The Big Lightning [unfinished]19321981*

Orango [unfinished]19322011*

Combat Course19321932


I love...1933

ESuite for Jazz Orchestra No. 119341935*

Four Fuges1934

Tragic-farce “People's Will” [unfinished]1934

D(vi)Moderato for Cello

Suite for Fagot and Piano1934

Unfinished Symphony (1934)1934-51997*

Funeral march dedicated to S. M. Kirov's death1934

D(v)Symphony of Psalms (Stravinsky)


D(viii)Symphony “Liturgical” (Honegger)1940s
D(ix)Suite on Finnish Themes19392001*
FThe Internationale19371941*
G(i)Suite for Stage Orchestra (arranged by L. T. Atovmyan)1950s
G(ii)Suite for Jazz Orchestra No. 219381938*
H(i)Vienna Blood (Johann Strauss)19381941
H(ii)Excursion Train Polka (Johann Strauss)19381940*

Song of Flea (Mussorgsky) for voice and orchestra1940

IThree Pieces for Solo Violin1940

J(i)Oath to the People's Commissar1941
J(ii)Twenty-seven Romances and Songs1941
J(iii)The Fearless Regiments are on the Move1941

J(iv)Polka for Harp Duet in F sharp minor (Balakirev)1941
K(i)The Gamblers19411978*
K(ii)Rothschild's Violin (Fleishman)1941-41960*
LSolemn March1941
MEight British and American Folksongs19431944*

Annie Laurie (Scottish Ballad)19441944*
N(i)Patriotic Song19431978
N(ii)Song of the Red Army1943

N(iii)National Anthem

Symphonic Movement19452006*

Violin Sonata1945

Ballet Music (arranged by L. T. Atovmyan)1947

O(i)Merry March1949
O(ii)Tarantella and Prelude1950-41954*

German March for Wind Orchestra (from the film “Warmongers”)1950

P(i)Ballet Suite No. 1 (assembled by L. T. Atovmyan)1949
P(i)Ballet Suite No. 2 (assembled by L. T. Atovmyan)1950
P(i)Ballet Suite No. 3 (assembled by L. T. Atovmyan)1951
P(i)Ballet Suite No. 4 (assembled by L. T. Atovmyan)1953
P(ii)Four Waltzes (arranged by L. T. Atovmyan)1949
P(iii)Three Violin Duets (arranged by K. Fortunatov)1949
QTen Russian Folksongs19511971*
RGreek Songs1952-3
S(i)Dances of the Dolls(arranged by L. T. Atovmyan)1952


Two Pieces (arranged by L. T. Atovmyan)1955

Waltzes from Film Music (arranged by L. T. Atovmyan)1950s
TVariations on a Theme by Glinka1957
UNovorossiisk Chimes ‘The Fire of Eternal Glory’19601960*

The Lady and the Hooligan (assembled by L. T. Atovmyan)19621962*

Easy Pieces, Volume 1 (arranged by L. T. Atovmyan)1962

Easy Pieces, Volume 2 (arranged by L. T. Atovmyan)1973

Miniatures chorégraphiques (arranged by L. T. Atovmyan)1960s

Suite for Stage Orchestra No. 2 (arranged by L. T. Atovmyan)1967

VSongs and Dances of Death (Musorgsky)19621962*

Allegretto for String Quartet19622005*
WCello Concerto No. 1 (Tishchenko)1969
X(i)A Toast to Our Motherland1944

X(i)The Black Sea1944
X(i)Our Native Russia has Gained Strength from the Storms1945

X(i)Hymn to Moscow1948

X(i)Our Song1950

X(i)Supporters of Peace March1950

X(i)Bird of Peace1953

X(i)There were Kisses1954
X(i)October Dawn1957
X(i)We cherish the October Dawns in Our Hearts1957

X(i)We sing Glory to Our Country1957

X(i)To France1950s

X(i)Glory to the Shipbuilders1960s

X(i)La Serenata (Braga)

X(ii)Anti-Formalist Rayok19481989*
YMy Native Country1937-451970*
ZSong of the Flea (Beethoven)19751975*

Polka [DSCH New Collected Works Vol. 109]

Two Mazurkas [DSCH New Collected Works Vol. 109]

Symphony No. 10 (Mahler) for piano four hands [DSCH New Collected Works Vol. 115]

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